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Capital Acquire Financial Planner established in the year of 2016 October month, from that day we always try to give a quality services in the form of technical and fundamental training. We also provide all the customer a well maintained technical mathematical scanner, with great accuracy up to 80-85% accurate data.

we provide all kind of Equity and Commodity market technical scanner and training. in our training program  we cover all technical ex. technical indicator technical price action swing trading and fundamental analysis.

here our company firm registration and certificate...

.Rohit Dwivedi is a Financial Adviser and also he is a founder and  C.E.O. of Capital Acquire Financial Planner,He has a very deep and wonderful knowledge of equity and commodity markets. He has 6-7 years experience in equity and commodity market intraday trading.he also developed some equity and mcx strategy which is a very accurate and low risk strategy you can check in this website or youtube channel and learn a lot. Rohit Dwivedi completed their financial market certification exam(level XVIII) conducted by NISM. He is a complete financial adviser and always advises all of you how to invest the hard earned money in the security market especially in the equity and mcx market, with minimum risk and decent rewards. Here you can see the NISM Level XVIII Certification exam .GOT 82% IN NISM XVIII.

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